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We provide complete dental services at Oral Studio. Click on any one of our services below to learn more about specific cosmetic dentistry services:

At Oral Studio, our dental experts provide you with some of the best cosmetic dentistry services you can get! Our service will give you that dream smile of yours, so you can smile effortlessly every day! Our services also work in combination to provide you with that whiter, brighter smile you have always dreamed of.

Our team of professionals is incredibly dedicated to providing our clients with the best services in the town. We comply with the highest standards in dentistry in collaboration with the most innovative techniques to help you smile again!

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Our Services

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a highly effective dental procedure aimed at removing stains and lightening the natural colour of your teeth. There are a ton of teeth-whitening products you can get, but they can never match the results of professional teeth whitening.

Our professionals at Oral Studio use superior-quality teeth whitening equipment to carry out the teeth whitening process. We always start by going through the patient’s clinical history to evaluate their oral cavity and correct all possible pathologies for a more optimal procedure. Not only that, but we also provide preliminary teeth cleaning to help eliminate plaque buildup and reset your oral hygiene.

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Smile Design – Smile Make-Over

Smile design is a dental procedure used to straighten, tweak, and correct teeth imperfections that may be getting in the way of your ideal smile. This procedure is aimed to restore your dental health and remove any imperfections you may feel self-conscious about.

Our professionals will provide you with a digital simulation of your projected smile before the personalized smile design treatment so you can truly envision what you want your next smile to look like! In the end, your smile will be in harmony with your face, personality and dental structure.

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Dental Implants

Dental implants act as a replacement for your tooth roots that have been damaged, broken, or lost over time, restoring your full smile with our dental implant services!

A dental implant is an artificial root inserted into your jawbone, which over time, fuses with the bone and acts as a replacement for your natural root. After osseointegration, or when the surrounding bone has fused with the implant, a dental crown is placed at the replacement site. This dental crown will help restore the natural function of your tooth and preserve the health of your mouth.

Our Dental Implant services will help you smile better, feel better and live better!

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Experience the best orthodontic treatment services in town at Oral Studio dental clinic in Medellín. Our dentists are qualified to provide you with all sorts of issues arising from the misalignment of teeth to help improve your smile.

We can treat overbite and underbite caused by teeth misalignment along with crooked teeth, jaw imperfections, overcrowded teeth, and teeth gaps, so you, too, can smile with confidence. We also provide our clients with more discreet braces.

Consult with our experts today to see what our team of dental experts can do for you!

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Oral Rehabilitation

Oral rehabilitation is a form of oral therapy that aims to restore and recover the teeth in your mouth. People lose teeth over their lifetime due to several reasons, including denture anomalies and broken teeth (caused by bruxism or “teeth grinding”) or simply age. Our oral rehabilitation services will help you regain your natural smile and restore your teeth’ full functionality.

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Our dental clinic in Medellin, we value our patients above all. We aim to offer you the most professional cosmetic dental services we can provide to help you achieve the smile you have always wanted. Select from our range of cosmetic dental services today to get the results you are looking for!

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