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Professional Cosmetic Dentist in Medellin, Colombia

Dr. Jose Fernando, D.D.S., is one of Medellin’s top oral surgeons. He has expanded his oral practice and is now accepting clients from the United States.

From veneers to dental implants and everything between, we are here to serve all your cosmetic dentistry needs.

Oral Studio, Dental Clinic in Medellin

Oral Studio is one of the top cosmetic dentistry service providers in Medellin known for its advanced dental care.

We believe that everyone should smile beautifully. To meet this goal, we employ some of the most talented minds of dentistry, use cutting-edge technology and the latest machinery that comply with industry standards to treat our patients. So, if you are looking for the best dentist in Medellin, Colombia Oral Studio is here for you!


Oral Studio Dental Services

We provide only the best cosmetic dentistry services in Medellin using the latest technology and innovative methods to help you achieve your desired smile; so you can smile every day! Check our portfolio for more insight on the treatments we offer.

Oral Studio smile design services will help rejuvenate and restore your smile! Smile design aims to improve the aesthetics and function of your teeth and incorporates a number of treatments to give you the smile you have always wanted. Treatments include teeth whitening, resin veneers, ceramic veneers, gum surgeries and oral rehabilitation, to name a few.

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Dental implants are aimed to restore the function of your teeth by replacing missing individual teeth. The process involves the insertion of an artificial root, replacing your previous (now missing) natural root, and attaching a dental crown after successful osseointegration. Dental implants are an excellent way to replace your missing and damaged teeth.

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Orthodontics aims to treat the irregularities of your teeth and jaws. Our expert orthodontists will help correct the abnormalities and misalignments of your teeth, treat and correct bite problems, fix crooked teeth and correct occlusion issues so you can have a perfect, aligned, and straighter smile!

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Our teeth whitening services aim to improve the look of your natural smile by brightening up the colour of your teeth and removing stains such as those caused by eating and drinking certain foods. As a result, you will have a brighter, cleaner, and healthier smile.

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Our oral rehabilitation services aim to treat the loss of healthy teeth due to a variety of reasons, including teeth decay, ageing, and bruxism, among others. Since tooth loss can lead to a chain of oral health issues such as deterioration of oral function and strain on your remaining teeth, you should consider restoring your healthy teeth via professional oral rehabilitation.

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We Export Smiles

We serve clients from all over Medellin and worldwide! Oral Studio is known for its professional cosmetic dentistry services; you too can now smile with our smile design services! We receive many patients who cross borders and travel long distances to benefit from our dental treatments; our testimonials are proof of our expertise.

“I couldn’t have found a better dentist in Medellin. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. i love my new smile!” – Guillola González

Expert Dentist in Medellin, Colombia

Oral Studio clinic is known to have “the best dentists in Medellin.” Read more on our expert dentists and find out for yourself!

Our dental expert, Jose Fernando Espitia

  • Dentist and Specialist in Oral Rehabilitation of the UdeA.
  • Lecturer at the Faculty of Dentistry of the UdeA and the UCC.
  • The Best Academic Average of the Postgraduate Programs 2011.
  • Starred as Guest Dentist in the “Profesionales al rescate” program on TeleAntioquia TV
  • ​Has over 20 years of experience treating the smiles of patients from all over the world!

We Cover All Your Needs

A smile can do wonders, so why hide your smile because of a few imperfections? Visit us today, where our dental experts will help rejuvenate and restore the smile you have always wanted! We are committed to providing only the best service to fit all your dental needs and give you the smile of your dreams.

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