Dental Implant Cost in Colombia

Dental Implant Cost in Colombia

Tooth loss is common among individuals, young and old alike. Luckily, the advancements in dentistry have introduced us to dental implants. Dental implants are excellent treatments that help replace these missing teeth, giving you the smile you deserve. However, many are hesitant to invest in dental implant treatment due to the high costs in most countries around the world, such as the USA. 

But there are other cost-effective options you can consider. A popular choice is to visit Colombia and have your dental implant treatment there!

Average Dental Implant Cost in Colombia

The average cost of dental implants in Colombia can range from around $450 to $2.250 USD. In the USA, the same dental implant treatment can cost you around $5000 to $8000 USD. On average, dental implants can be up to 70% cheaper in Colombia. This is why it is a highly popular choice for individuals seeking dental implant treatments under a budget.

Factors That Influence Dental Implant Cost

You may have noticed that the average cost of Colombia dental implants ranges from as low as $450 to $2.250 USD; why is there such a significant difference between the higher and lower end? The reason is that each dental implant case is unique. Your dentist will always have to assess your unique case and give you a dental implant quote accordingly. 

Here are some factors that may influence the final cost of your dental implant treatment.

1. Number of Implants

Some individuals only need to have one or two teeth replaced, while others need a whole new set of teeth implanted. The more dental implants you need to restore the beauty of your smile, the more it will ultimately cost you.

2. Tooth Location

The location of your tooth can also influence your dental implant cost. In general, the front teeth of your set are more expensive to replace than your molars or back teeth.

3. Preliminary Scans

Before your treatment, you may notice there are a number of preliminary steps. Your dentist may have you take several scans of your mouth and jaw beforehand to devise the best treatment plan for you. This can add to the overall costs of your treatment.

4. Material Used

Dental implants are usually crafted from two primary materials: titanium or zirconia. These materials are safe for use as dental implants and are compatible with the human body. Typically zirconia or ceramic implants are more expensive than titanium ones because they are more time-consuming to work with and have higher manufacturing costs.

5. Extractions

Dental implants aren’t just used to treat missing teeth cases; they can also be used to replace existing damaged teeth. Extractions are then used to remove the teeth that haven’t fallen yet. An extraction is usually treated as its own separate dental procedure and, therefore, may cost you more.

Why Do People Prefer To Get Dental Implants in Colombia?

There are many reasons why people now prefer to go to Colombia for their dental implants.

Affordable Pricing

As we mentioned earlier, getting dental implants in Colombia can be up to 70% cheaper in Colombia. This is a perfect choice for people who wish for a complete smile but hold back due to financial constraints.

High-Quality Care

Although dental treatments in Colombia may be cheaper compared to the US, they in no way compromise the quality of your treatment. You can easily find reputable, highly trained, and experienced dentists in Colombia that will help tackle your treatment plan expertly. 

You will also find plenty of clinics filled with state-of-the-art facilities and incredibly helpful staff. Many clinics, such as Oral Studio, even employ dedicated staff members who speak English so they may assist foreign clients.

Accessible and Convenient

You might think of traveling to another country to be incredibly inconvenient, but that is untrue. Colombia is easily accessible and convenient to travel to. If you are a resident of Miami, Florida, you can reach Colombia in just around 3 hours!


Finally, most clients like getting their dental implant treatment done in Colombia because they can use this time to travel the beautiful country. You already save a pretty considerable amount by opting for dental treatment in Colombia, which you can put into touring the country instead!

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