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Dr. Fernando Espitia

Like many of those who have visited our clinic, you may be unhappy with the way your teeth look. We believe we can change that so you, too, can smile with confidence! What’s more, you can save up to 70% when you choose Oral Studio for your cosmetic dentistry treatment.

Looking for affordable cosmetic dentistry services in Homestead?

Many people fail to access quality dental care due to hefty pricing models or the poor skills of local dentists. You won’t have to worry about that when you visit us in Medellin, Colombia. We offer our clients affordable and reliable dental services and cosmetic dentistry treatments. Our team of experts is composed of some of the leading dentists across Medellin, including oral rehabilitation specialist and dentist Dr. Fernando Espitia!

Cosmetic Dentistry in Homestead, FL Can Be Expensive. Fly Over to Medellin for All Your Cosmetic Dentistry Needs and Save 70%

No Compromise on Quality

The quality of technology a dentist uses can significantly influence the outcome of any procedure. At Oral Studio, we employ cutting-edge technology to help boost the success probability of your treatment. We make no compromise on quality and pay close attention to every detail when creating your individualized treatment plan.

Our team will assist you from the moment you land in Medellin until your post-procedure checkups are complete. Our comprehensive cosmetic dentistry services will give you a healthy, attractive smile like none other!

Have It Done in Medellin, Colombia & SAVE UP TO 70% on Your cosmetic dentistry!

Contrary to what you expect, our services won’t cost you a leg and arm. Take a look at the graphical illustration below to compare dental quotes averaged in the USA and here in Medellin!

Dental Implants
(x arch)

$4.500 USD

$1.100 USD


From $6.000 USD

From $1.000 USD

$17.000 USD

$1.000 USD

Oral Rehabilitation
(per tooth)

$1.000 USD

$200 USD

Teeth Whitening
(per session)

All prices are estimates. Please fill out the contact form below for a more accurate pricing.

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Before and After. Real Patients

We Create Smiles!

At Oral Studio, we fix the tiny imperfections in your teeth, but more than that, we aim to give you a smile that you won’t be afraid to flaunt!

We receive countless patients from across the globe who come to Medellin to visit our Oral Studio Clinic. Most of them seek affordable, reliable cosmetic dentistry treatments from the experts they trust. Our client testimonials are proof in themselves of the professional expertise Oral Studio carries.

Come to Medellin for All Your Cosmetic Dentistry Needs!

As a resident of Homestead, Florida, getting access to affordable professional cosmetic dentistry services can be a hassle. But now you can stop searching for affordable dental implants in Homestead or teeth whitening in Homestead. At Oral Studio, we offer competitive quotes for our cosmetic dentistry services. You can save up to 70% when you choose Oral Studio for your cosmetic dentistry needs!

We invite you to Medellin to learn more about cosmetic dentistry and how we can help improve your smile. With our affordable quotes, you will even have enough savings to take a few days off and relax in the beautiful city of Medellin!

Cosmetic Dentistry in Homestead, FL Can Be Expensive. Fly Over to Medellin for All Your Cosmetic Dentistry Needs and Save 70%

Why Choose Oral Studio for Your Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment?

Oral Studio is the leading provider of cosmetic dentistry services across Medellin, Colombia. At Oral Studio, we take special care of our patients who trust us with their smiles! Our advanced solutions, combined with our expertise in the field, allow us to positively help any and all patients who come our way. From oral rehabilitation to teeth whitening and dental implants, we do it all!

Above all, we offer complete cosmetic dentistry services at 1/3rd the cost of services in Homestead. So you can not only expect reliable but affordable cosmetic dentist services from qualified professionals!

Odontología en Medellín, Oral Studio
Oral Studio - dentista Medellín
Odontologos medellin, Oral Studio

Visit Oral Studio in Medellin and Get The Best Treatment Package for Your Teeth

Oral Studio Complete Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Oral Studio provides a broad range of cosmetic dentistry services to help each incoming client get the smile they dream of.

• Oral rehabilitation will allow us to restore the functionality and aesthetics of your full set of teeth, which may have declined due to decay, aging, or bruxism.

• Teeth whitening will help give you the pearly whites you have always wanted while brightening the look of your smile.

Our complete smile makeover comprises several treatments such as veneers, gum surgeries, and teeth whitening to help restore your smile.

• Dental implants will replace any lost teeth in your dental cavity, including teeth lost due to injury, age, or disease.

• Orthodontics will help target minor irregularities in the positioning of your teeth and jaws that may lead to occlusions, bite problems, and crooked teeth.

Save Up For a Lovely Vacation in Medellin

You may consider yourself lucky to find us here in Medellin, one of the leading tourist destinations worldwide. Once you land in Medellin, you will be greeted with urban art, beautiful weather, fantastic attractions, ambiance, and some of the most delectable cuisines on the planet! We always recommend our clients to visit Medellin not just for their cosmetic dentistry treatments but to tour the city.

You will be saving a significant portion of your budget when you work with Oral Studio; we recommend you put this to good use while you stay here in Medellin!

We Will Beat Any U.S. Dental Quote Up To 70% Contact Us Now!